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This page is primarily for my own personal reference. If you find it useful that's cool, but there are many other sites out there with MUCH more info than this. Some of them are listed at the bottom of this page. The focus here is pretty much on 1991-2003 MIPS/IRIX systems (primarily post-R3000 stuff).

Updated: Jan 05 2007

IP numbers:

Odd numbers indicate server class, even numbers indicate workstation class. This rule of thumb doesn't seem to hold up as well any more with the IP53/IP35.

IP # System name with this CPU notes
IP17 Crimson R4000, R4400 ---
IP19 Onyx & Challenge (other than S & M models) R4x00 ---
IP20 Indigo R4000, R4400 ---
IP21 Power Challenge, Power Onyx R8000 ---
IP22 Indigo2, Challenge M? R4000, R4400, R4600 ---
IP24 Indy / Challenge S R4000, R4400, R4600, R5000 hinv shows IP22
IP25 Challenge R10000, Onyx R10000 R10000 ---
IP26 Power Indigo2 / Power Challenge M R8000 ---
IP27 Origin 2000, Onyx2 R10000 ---
IP28 Indigo2 R10000 R10000 ---
IP29 Origin 200 R10000, R12000 hinv shows IP27
IP30 Octane, Octane2 R10000, R12000, R14000 ---
IP31 Origin 2000, Onyx2 R10000, R12000 hinv shows IP27
IP32 O2, O2+ R5000, R5200, RM7000, R10000, R12000 ---
IP34 Fuel R14000, R16000 hinv shows IP35
IP35 Origin 3000, Onyx 3000 R12000, R14000 ---
IP45 Origin 300, Onyx 300 R14000 hinv shows IP35
IP53 Origin 350, Origin 3900 R16000 hinv shows IP35


release date system(s)
1991 Indigo, Crimson
1993 Indy, Indigo2, Challenge, Onyx
1997 O2, Octane, Origin 200, Origin 2000, Onyx2
2000 Octane2, Origin 3000, Onyx 3000
2001 O2+, Origin 300
2002 Fuel, Origin 3900
2003 Origin 350, Onyx 350, Onyx4

Graphical Desktops/Workstations:

System name Nickname Processor(s) notes
Indigo --- R3000,R4000,R4400 ---
Indy Guiness R4000,R4400,R4600,R5000 ---
Indigo2 Fullhouse R4000,R4400,R4600,R8000,R10000 ---
O2/O2+ Moosehead R5000,R5200,RM7000,R10000,R12000 ---
Octane/Octane2 Speedracer (1 or 2 of) R10000 or R12000 or R14000 first multi-CPU SGI desktop.
Fuel --- R14000,R16000 ---
* Challenge S is Indy architecture with R4400 or R4600
* Challenge M is Indigo2 architecture with R4000 or R4400
* Power Challenge * is a Challenge with the R8000 or R10000

Deskside/Rack-based Servers:

System name Nickname Processor(s) Graphics? notes
Crimson --- R4000,R4400 Optional last of the 4D systems
Challenge Eveready/Terminator see below No* deskside or rack
Onyx Eveready/Terminator (up to 12 of) R8000 || (up to 24 of) R4400 or R10000 Yes deskside has 1/6 capacity of rack version
Origin 200 Speedo (1 or 2 of) R10000 or R12000 No standing or rack
Origin 2000 --- (up to 8 of) R10000 or R12000 No deskside or rack
Onyx2 --- see Origin 2000 Yes graphics capable twin of Origin 2000
Origin 3200 --- (up to 8 of) R12000 or R14000 No minimum one short rack
Origin 3400 --- (up to 32 of) R12000 or R14000 No minimum one full rack
Origin 3800 --- (up to 512 of) R12000 or R14000 No minimum two full racks
Onyx 3000 --- --- Yes Origin 3000 with G-brick(s)
Origin 300 --- (2 or 4 of) R14000 No ---
Onyx 300 --- --- Yes Origin 300 with G-brick(s)
Origin 350 --- (2 or 4 of) R16000 No ---
Onyx 350 --- --- Yes Origin 350 with G-brick(s)
* Challenge DM supports 4 CPUs
* Challenge L supports 12 CPUs
* Challenge XL supports 36 CPUs
* Challenge GR supports RealityEngine or InfiniteReality graphics boards
* Onyx has R4400 CPUs
* Power Onyx has R8000 CPUs
* Onyx R10000 is an Onyx with R10000 CPUs (why be subtle?)
* Origin 200 can be linked together (max of 2) for a total of 4 CPUs.
* Origin 2000 can be linked up to 8 CPUs per module, 2 modules per rack and 8 racks total for a max of 128 CPUs.
* Origin 300 can be linked (max of 8 systems) for a total of 32 CPUs.

Model/Marketing numbers:

CMN A010 Onyx (rack)  
CMN A015 Origin 2000 (deskside)  
CMN A018 Origin 200  
CMN B003 Indigo  
CMN B006 Indy  
CMN B007 Indigo2  
CMN B014 O2 found on bottom
CMN B015 Octane/Octane2 found on back
CMN 016 Origin 300 found on top
CMN 026 Origin 350 found on top

I only list the above model numbers if I've been able to verify them in person. There's only one example so far that I've seen with my own eyes that doesn't fit the pattern, and I'm trying to make sense of it. I have seen plenty of Octanes and Octane2s with the "CMN B015" number as you'd expect... but I have now seen two Octane2s with a "CMN B014" number (they were ANG400s sitting right next to other ANG400s with the expected B015 string). I'm not sure what to make of that. The only pattern observed looking at 5 identical Octane2s was that the ones made in late 2000 were 15's and the ones made earlier (prior to September) were 14's. Strange? Yes.

O2 CD-ROM drive numbers:

I have used Toshiba XM-6401B CDROMs on my Indigo2 (external) and Origin200 (internal) with no problems. This is a 40x drive. I still want to try to more tests... replacing the 5701 in my O2 with a 6401 (internal) and then adding a 6401 to my Octane2 (external), I don't anticipate any issues, but you never know.


Sony PN SGI PN size inputs res.
GDM-20D11 --- 19-inch 13W3 1280x1024
GDM-20E21 061-0005-001 20-inch HD15,13W3 1900x1200
GDM-4011P 061-0025-001 20-inch HD15,13W3 1900x1200
GDM-5011P 061-0037-001 21-inch HD15,13W3 1600x1280
GDM-5411 061-0043-001 21-inch HD15,HD15 1600x1280

Much more to come...


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