Here is a complete (I hope) list of GM platform letter designations.
(I am doing this from memory):
Note: The names shown are for vehicles sold in U.S.  Names of vehicles 
sold in Canada may vary slightly. Also, years listed may be +/- 1 year.

Steve Ochs - Engineer - GM Powertrain - Transmission Division


GM Passenger Vehicles:
     A - 64-80: RWD Cutlass/Skylark/Chevelle/LeMans/Malibu/Regal/Special
           82-96: FWD Ciera/Century/Celebrity/6000
     A Special - 68-80: RWD Monte Carlo/Grand Prix

     B - 62-95:  RWD Delta

     C - Dn-83:  RWD Delta 98/Electra
            84-Up:  FWD 98/Park Ave

     D - Dn-96: RWD Fleetwood/Sedan DeVille/Limo

     E - Dn-94: Toronado/Eldorado/Riviera

     F - 67-up: Camaro/Firebird

     G - 81-88: RWD Sedan Cutlass/Regal/Malibu/Bonneville
           95-up: FWD Aurora/Riviera
     G-Special - 81-88: RWD Coupe Cutlass/Regal/Monte Carlo/Grand Prix

     H - 71-79: RWD Vega/Astre/Monza wagon/Sunbird wagon
           85-Up: FWD Bonneville/Delta 88/LeSabre

     H-Special - 75-80: RWD Monza/Starfire/Skyhawk/Sunbird
                        (excluding wagon)

     J - 81-Up:  FWD Firenza/Skyhawk/Sunbird/Cavalier/Sunfire

     K - 85-Up: FWD Seville    
     K Special - 84-Up: FWD Deville/Concours      

     L - 87-96: FWD Corsica/Berretta

     M - 85-Up: FWD Chevy Sprint/Geo Metro

     N - 85-Up: FWD Calais/Somerset-Skylark/Grand Am

     P - 84-88:  Fiero
           97-Up: Electric - EV1

     P-90 - 1997-Up:  FWD Malibu/Cutlass

     S - 84-Up: Chevy Nova/Geo Prizm

     T - 74-85:  RWD Chevette/T-1000

     V - 97-Up: RWD Cadillac Catera

     W - 1988-1997/98: FWD (GM-10) Cutlass Supreme/Regal/Grand Prix/Lumina
            1997/98-Up:  FWD (MS-2000)  Intrigue/Monte Carlo/Grand

      X - 62-79: RWD Nova/Omega/Ventura/Apollo/Phoenix (also the original RWD
            80-85: FWD Omega/Skylark/Phoenix/Citation

      Y - 53-Up: Corvette

      Z - 58-69: Corvair
            90-Up: Saturn

GM Trucks:
     C - All: Full Size 2WD Pickup
           Dn-87: 2WD Blazer/Jimmy/Suburban/Crew Cab
           92-Up: 2WD Tahoe/Yukon/Suburban/Crew Cab

     G - All: Full Size Van

     K - All: Full Size 4WD Pickup, including Blazer/Suburban/Crew Cab except
           Dn-87: 4WD Blazer/Jimmy/Suburban/Crew Cab
           92-Up: 4WD Tahoe/Yukon/Suburban/Crew Cab

     L - 91-Up: AWD Astro/Safari

     M - 85-Up: 2WD Astro/Safari
     P - Delivery Van

     R - 88-91: 2WD Blazer/Jimmy/Suburban/Crew Cab (old-style body)

     S - 82-94: 2WD S-10 Pickup/S-15 Pickup/S-10 Blazer/S-15 Jimmy
           95-Up: 2WD S-10 Pickup/Sonoma/Blazer/Jimmy

     T - 82-94: 4WD S-10 Pickup/S-15 Pickup/S-10 Blazer/S-15 Jimmy/Bravada
           95-Up: 4WD S-10 Pickup/Sonoma/Blazer/Jimmy/Bravada

     U - 88-96: Lumina APV/Trans Sport/Silhouette
           97-Up: Venture/Trans Sport/Silhouette

     V - 88-91: 4WD Blazer/Jimmy/Suburban/Crew Cab (old-style body)


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