Suppliers List

AUTO CUSTOM CARPETS	800-352-8216	Custom Carpets
AC DELCO PARTS LOCATOR	800-ACD-ELCO	Parts locator service
AMER. SPRTS CAR DESIGN	800-579-0777	Hoods, body, etc.
A&M SOFFSEAL		800-426-0902	Weatherstriping, etc.
ART CARR		714-962-6655	Performance Transmissions/Parts 
ATR			864-972-3800	MANY cool parts, mostly Buick
AUBURN GEAR		219-925-3200	Gears and rears

BAER RACING		602-233-1411	Misc cool go fast stuff
BILL HIRSCH		800-828-2061	Auto fabric
BG FUEL SYSTEMS		706-864-8544	Take a wild guess
B&M RACING		800-888-7443	Shifters, coolers, etc
BOB'S SPEEDOMETER	800-592-9673	Speedo/Guages repair
BORLA PERFORMANCE	805-986-8600	Exhaust systems

CAPE CORAL SPEEDOMETER	941-936-9101	Speedo/Guages repair
COMPETITIVE AUTOMOTVE	401-739-6262	GM Restoration Parts and supplies
CLOYES			501-963-2105	Timing chains and gears

GER 			800-233-3188	Performance Convertors & Transmissions
GM PERFORMANCE PARTS	800-577-6888	Take a wild guess
GULDSTRAND ENGINEERING	310-391-7108	suspension, engine, brake, chassis modifications

HARMON'S CHEVROLET	219-368-7221	Restoration parts
HELM INC.		800-551-4123	Technical manuals
HOTCHIKS PERFORMANCE	310-907-7757	Cool chassis and suspension stuff

JACOBS ELECTRONICS	800-627-8800	Cool stuff :)
JEGS			800-345-4545	Mail order performance parts

KIRBAN'S PERFORMANCE	215-348-8571	Many G-body parts (mostly Buick)

LAUDERDALE SPEEDOMETER	800-951-5123	Speedo/Guages repair
LAUREN ENGINEERING	714-871-CARS	Body and suspension for 80's Monte's
LEBARON BONNEY		508-338-3811	Auto fabric

MAXIMUM TORQUE SPLTS.	312-745-8799	Double hump crossmember
MOSER ENGINEERING	219-726-6689	9" rear for 78-88 Monte's
MOTION PERFORMANCE	516-223-3172	Hoods, fenders, etc.

NOS			714-821-0580	Nitrous oxide systems

ORIGINAL PARTS GROUP	800-243-8355	Replacement body parts, etc

PAXTON SUPERCHARGERS	805-987-5555	Go really fast
PERFORMANCE UNLIMITED	800-35-HELLA	Headlight conversion kits
PMAC Performance	713-666-2616	Performance trans rebuilds (Mike Kurtz)
PST			800-247-2288	Performance suspension components

RANDOM TECHNOLOGY	770-978-0264	Performance Catalytic converters/exhausts
RHS			901-794-2830	Complete engines and parts.
RINDA TECHNOLOGIES	312-736-6633	Diagnostics software
RON KLEIN BUICK-GMC	800-837-4345	Zak, in Parts (

STENCILS & STRIPES 	847-692-6893	Decals and graphics.
SCOGGIN-DICKEY CHEVY    800-888-4251	All parts, cheap
SMART BUY		800-947-7727	Auto fabric
SPOILER F/X		916-895-TOYS	Hoods, body, etc.
SUMMIT RACING		800-230-3030	Mail order performance parts

TCI Automotive		601-224-8972	Performance Transmissions/Parts
TECHLOCK DISTRIBUTING	800-448-6866	Security systems
THE CARB SHOP		405-733-3040	Carbs (Q-Jets)
THE LOCATOR MAGAZINE	800-457-0660	Salvage yard info
THE PADDOCK (IN)	800-428-4319	NOS and reproduction parts for 70-77 Monte's
THE PADDOCK (CA)	800-854-8532	NOS and reproduction parts for 70-77 Monte's
THE HUBCAP SOURCE	517-669-5377	Pretty obvious :)
TORQUE TECHNOLOGIES	800-408-0016	Cat back and other exhaust systems
TRIMPARTS		513-831-1472	Early generation parts
TSM			303-688-6882	"Bolt-On Rear Disk Kits"
Turbo Shop		310-669-8101	Performance Transmissions/Parts

UNLIMITED PERF. PROD.	???-???-????	Hoods, body, etc.
YEAR ONE		800-YEAR-ONE	Restoration Parts

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