What makes an SS?

There will be more later, this is a good start...

Look in the techincal engine section for info on the L69

From: "SZYMKOWSKI.FRANK" (FBS3 at oas.psu.edu)

* the engine is special. real special. The heads are from the Cross fire
Camaro, the cam from the L-81 Vette. The exhaust is specific to the SS
The rear is specific to the SS. The nose and striping is specific to the SS.
The trans is specific to the SS. The wheels/tires/suspension is SS specific.
These things are what makes an SS an SS.
These are real special cars. The *LAST* GM full frame RWD carbed car made.
These are destined to be collectable and are now. At the Super Chevy show
in Maple Grove this summer, there were about 30 SS's and they were a big
hit. I had 3 people wanting to buy mine.

How to make sure your 83-88 SS is really an SS.

This is a project in the works. More info and details are greatly needed.

  • Make sure the 8th digit in the VIN is a "G"
  • Check the trunk lid sticker and make sure the following codes are present, also make sure the VIN on this sticker matches the VIN on your car and the VIN on the driver's door. B4V L69 F41
  • Don't be afraid to track down the original owner of the car and ask when in doubt.

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