Quick & Dirty Monte FAQ

	BBC = big block chevy
	SBC = small block chevy
	L69 = H.O. 305 (came in the SS)
	LG4 = non-H.O. 305 (an option for the non-SS, with the 4.3 V6 being another option)
	ZZ3 = GM crate motor (345hp 350 SBC)
	ZZ4 = next generation ZZ3 (355hp 350 SBC)
	H.O. = high output
	2bbl = a 2-barrel carburator
	4bbl = a 4-barrel carburator
	Q-Jet = The Rochester Quadra-Jet (a 4bbl carburator)
	spreadbore = 4bbl carburator "shape" - uneven sized primary and secondary throttle blades (primaries are smaller)
	squarebore = 4bbl carburator "shape" - all 4 throttle blades are of equal size
	SES = service engine soon (light)
	GN = Buick Grand National
	GNX = a very special GN, of which only 547 were made
	LS = Luxury Sport
	SS = Super Sport
	CL = Custom Luxury
	EGR = Exhaust Gas Recirculation (emissions)
	EFE = (often EFE valve) Early Fuel Evaporation
	TPI = Tuned Port Injection (GM)
	TBI = Throttle Body Injection (GM)
	EFI = Electronic Fuel Injection
	SFI = Sequential Fuel Injection
	MPFI = Multi Port Fuel Injection
	MAF = Mass Air Flow (a method of EFI management)
	SD = Speed Density (a method of EFI management)
	ECM = Engine Control Module (a.k.a. The Computer)
	cat = catalytic converter (emissions) (a.k.a kitty)
	VIN = Vehicle Identification Number (saying "VIN number" is redundant)
	RPO = Regular Production Option
	bore = the size of the cylinder (diameter). bigger bore = bigger piston = more volume
	stroke = the length of travel of the piston in the cylinder, as controlled by the crank/rods. longer stroke = more volume
	RWD = Rear Wheel Drive
	FWD = Front Wheel Drive
	Z65 = The RPO code for a Monte SS

Much more later... feel free to contribute.