HOWTO - adjusting windows

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I finally got my passenger side to withstand the old hose test, for those of
you that were wondering the windows have 4 adjustments:
1) Rotate: There are 2 screws about in the middle of the door around the
handle area, you will see the heads, they hold a runner that is connected to
the scissor mechanism for the window, if you loosen these you will be able to
rotate the glass.
2) Foreward/Rearward: if you need to slide the glass so that it sits either
further ahead or back, loosen the 2 screws that connect the main track to the
door, the main track runs up and down and has a slight arc toward the rear of
the car, it runs in about the center of the door, loosening the securing
screws to the door will allow you to slide the window either foreward or
3) Top of window in or out: on the same main track as mentioned above there
are 2 more screws that are visible inside the door you will have to get down
on one knee, look inside the door along the main track and up. loosening
these 2 screws will allow you to move the top of your window in or out.
4) Height adjust: you have an adjustable stop at either end of your window
which you can adjust independantly as needed.
Make all of your adjustments with the window rolled part way down and I
suggest that you make your adjustments in small increments, also when I got
done with mine, the window would seem to "hang" for a second on one end after
I commanded it down, this was due to the rear "up" adjustable stop the two
parts which make up the stop were binding on each other, I removed the stop
from the door and gave it a slight bend to correct this, it was time
consuming and tedious but well worth it.
        Hope this can help someone with leaky windows!

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