Removing the factory speedo

Submitted by: TRAVIS ANDERSON (ANDERST9247 at

        I just took the speedo out today.  You will need a screwdriver, a
7/32" socket, a 9/32" socket, a nut driver, and a nice light.  First, use the
philips screwdriver and remove the seven screws that hold the black trim piece
of the dash on.  There are four below the steering wheel and three under the
top lip of the trim piece.  This should pull right off and you can set it out
of the way to the right, still ahnging by a few wires.
Next, take your 7/32" socket and remove the nice shiny bolts holding the clear
plate over the black pod trim.  Then you will have to squeeze in the upper
sides and take out two more screws which are buried way back.  Not too hard.
Then you can pull out the black pod trim and set it aside.

Now you should see all your gauge pods bare to the world.  Take the 9/32"
socket and remove the two screws holding the shift indicator plate at the
bottom of the speedometer, being careful not to break the needle or wire.  This
will now drop out along with your gear indicator plate, exposing two more
screws that hold in the bottom part of the speedo.  Cool thing is, the 86
speedo has PND12 imprinted on it, which was covered by the plate with OD on it.

Now, gently pull out the speedo until you can't pull it out anymore.  There is
a clip holding the speedo cable to the speedo head.  If you push it down, the
cable pops right out.  Now you can pull it out a little farther.  There will
also be two wires running to a little black connector which is screwed on the
speedo head casing.  This is the VSS (vehicle speed sensor).  Take out that
screw with the 7/32" socket and the speedo is now in your hands, waiting for a

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