Installing an aftermarket oil pressure sender

This is what I did:

Parts List:

1 - 1/8" NPT male/male adaptor
1 - 1/8" NPT 90 degree male/female fitting
1 - 1/8" NPT 'T' adaptor
teflon tape

Bump the car over so that the number one piston is TDC.  To do this, 
remove the #1 spark plug and put your finger over (not in) the hole and 
have someone bump the engine over.  Watch the timing mark and when you 
feel air push out on your finger (compression stroke) you will be close 
to TDC.  You should now be able to see the timing mark.  Manually line 
up the timing marks to 0 degrees and you will be at TDC. Your are now 
ready to remove the distributor.  Disconnect battery, spark plug wires, 
loosen up distributor hold down bolt, move hold down back out of the way.
Carefully pull the distributor out.  Stuff a rag into the hole to prevent 
anything from accidently dropping in.

Remove the sending unit that sits next to the distributor, in back of 
the block.  Install the male/male adaptor, then the 'T' adaptor.  The
'T' is installed side ways (90 degrees), then add the 90 degree adaptor.
The 'T' is positioned at about 10 o'clock if looking from the front of 
the engine.  The 90 degree is positioned at about 2 o'clock.  Install 
the oil pressure sender into the 'T' under the distributor and the other 
sending unit into the 90 degree fitting.  After mocking up the assembly
with the senders, and verifying clearances, remove everything.  Pre-
assemble the fittings using the teflon tape, tighten everything, and
re-install into block.  Don't over tighten, remember these fittings are 
brass.  Re-install the senders as described above. 

When you are ready to re-install the distributor, make sure that the 
keyway on the oil pump drive shaft is pointed  between the 4 and 5 
o'clock position.  Take the distributor and carefully install it into 
the engine.  Point the rotor in the 3 o'clock position and slide it the 
rest of the way in.  This should get you in all of the way, if you bind 
up then you missed it by a tooth (retry previous step).  After your in, 
line up the #1 post of the cap with the rotor. This will get your timing
close enough to fire the engine.  Re-install the distributor hold down,
and snug down the fastener.  Re-install the spark plug wires and double 
check to see if everything that you disconnected is re-connected.
Re-connect battery, fire up the engine and check for oil leaks.  Adjust
timing as necessary.

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