Headliner tips

From: James Woods (jwod at u.washington.edu)

        In response to your question, YES you need to put a new headliner
up for several reasons:
 1)It looks really cool
 2)It's easy
 3)It looks really cool
 4)You will recieve a multitude of compliments
 5)It looks really cool
 6)The MC is the coolest car ever created and it needs to look pretty
 7)It's pretty cheap ($50 TOPS) & finally
 8)It looks really cool.

        I have a couple of tips for redoing the headliner in your MC.  I
redid the rear deck panel and dash in my '76 MC with minimal trouble.  I
just took a quick trip to the local fabric shop and told them that I
wanted to redo some of the interior of my car with cool fabric and he took
me to the right section and showed me several VERY cool fabrics.  I chose
one and measured how much I needed (you should take about 1.5 to 2 feet
more in than you need ((both for rear to back and side to side)) and
pointed out the best glue to use (spray is by far the easiest).  I suggest
you set aside one day of a nice weekend.  There is a couple of ways you
can do this.

        The easiest is if you have a removable headliner board.  Just
take out the board and clean & dry it.  Spray an even coat of glue on the
board and very carefully place the fabric onto the board.  Be careful to
put the fabric on even and straight for the best results.  Make sure you
wrap the edges around to the other side of the board about 2-3 inches.
Trim excess and replace the newly fabricked (so I made that word up sue
me) board and wala!  Just wait for the compliments to pour in.  Plus you
get to say you put in yourself.

        Now if you dont have a Removable headliner board dont panic you
can still do this.  You just need to be very careful.  Either you can make
a cardboard cutout of the inside of the roof or you can just put up the fabric 
right on the headliner.  Just remember that going slow will make it all worth it
in the end.

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