Front spring removal/replacement procedure:

Submitted by: George Dumpit (gdumpit at

If you are going to be replacing the coil springs, it would be a good time to replace shocks and sway bar end link bushings since you have to remove them anywise...

This is the procedure that I used when I did the 12" brake upgrade on the Grim Reaper.

With air tools I have done this procedure (both coils) in about an hour.  If it's your first time it'll probably take an afternoon or so, especially if you will be compressing/decompressing the springs manually.

Rent coil spring compressor (local rental yard will carry these). The correct spring compressor will have two upper hooks, and two lower hooks, with a long threaded rod connecting the two.

If you will be using air tools, verify that the coil spring compressor tool is air tool compatible.