Changing dash bulbs

From: Dale Olson

Tools - COMMON SENSE - LOTS,small blade screw drive, phillips screw 
     driver, 1/4" sockets with 1 long & 1 short extension and a trouble 
     light. Last but not least a small plastic container to hold parts
     1) Remove the instrument cluster front cover. 3 screws along the top,
        2 on the front, 4 along the bottom. If you have remote mirrors      
        rotate the assembly to the right and let it set on the console.
        WARNING - be very careful when removing & tightening the screws as    
        the whole dash is plastic and PRONE to breakage and there no        
        replacement parts to had.
        ALSO remember where the LONG screws go when you remove the. I think 
        there are 3 or 4.
     2) Remove the steering column inspection cover. 4 screws. It gives     
         better access.
     3) Remove the speedo/clock adjusting knobs. Need very small blade      
        screw driver.
     4) Remove the clear cluster cover. 4 hex screws
     5) Remove the gear shift indicator. 2 screws. 
        NOTE - you must remove this to get at the bottom screw of the       
        cluster bezel.
     6) Remove the left A/C duct connector. 1 screw
        NOTE - you must remove this to get at the top screw of the          
        cluster bezel.
     7) Remove cluster bezel. 4 hex screws 
     9) Remove turn signal cover. The green thing.
     10) Swap the bulbs.
     ******* WARNING ***** WARNING ***** WARNING ****** WARNING *******
     DO NOT twist or push to hard on the bulb as the holder is very fragile 
     or you will have to remove the speedo and the dash cluster to get at 
     the bulb holder (assuming that you find it).  
     ******* WARNING ***** WARNING ***** WARNING ****** WARNING *******
     Now for a couple of gotchas. 
     1) the foam that separates the warning bulbs on the right side of the 
     dash will probably fall apart. Try to find some 1/8" black foam that 
     you can us for a replacement.
     2) The foam that seals the A/C duct that you removed will also fall 
     I have use stick backed weather stripping as a replacement. I color it 
     with a felt marker.

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