Replacing the stock Chip

Replacing the factory chip (while not always useful) is a very simple procedure. You will find the computer *inside* the car, on the passenger side, where the passenger's feet go, in the wall behind the kick panel. Simply remove the tabs and pull off the kick panel, the computer will come out with it. Be careful not to pull it out too far as there is not a whole lot of play in the wires. There is an access panel on the computer, held in by two phillips head screws. Remove these (be careful of static shock and magnetized screw-drivers). Pull off the access panel and you will see the factory chip. *Carefully* pull out the chip, as straight as possible so as not to bend the pins. Put this chip somewhere safe. Place your aftermarket chip in as the stock chip was, again being careful not to bend the pins. Close everything back up and you're ready to go!

Submitted by: Mike Donovan

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