Adjusting the VSS

From: Dale Olson

     Following my dash removal procedure first as the VSS is behind the 
     instrument cluster. If you have a VSS problem it should set a code 24 
     I think.
     You have a choice here. 
     a) remove the rest of the dash and fight the speedo cable 
     b) remove the speedo head first then the rest of the dash.
     Now disconnect the speedo cable at the trans end. You need to do this 
     if you don't have enough slack in the cable.
     Next remove the 3 hex screws that hold the speedo head on.
     Pull gently on the speedo head. It should come out about 3" to 4". You 
     may have to go to the fire wall side and push the cable to get it to 
     There is a clip the hold the cable to the speedo head. Push/pull it 
     toward the speedo head to release the cable.
     Now get a small 1/4" drive socket and remove the hex screw that holds 
     the VSS photo cell to the back of the speedo head.
     Now remove the 4 ^%&%& bolts that hold the instrument cluster on. 
     These are the so call "one time" nuts used on plastic studs.
     Replace the VSS if that is the problem. 

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