Taken from the 1983 factory service manual for G and B bodies.

INST LPS	5 amps		Instrument panel lights, lamp reminder buzzer
A/C HEATER	25 amps		A/C and heater
WIPER		25 amps		Windshield wiper/washer, interval wiper
STOP HAZ	20 amps		Hazzard/stop lights
PWR ACCY	30 amps		rear defog, power locks, power seats
RADIO		10 amps		Radio, antenna, interval wiper
DIR SIG B/U	20 amps		turn signals and backup lights
TAIL		20 amps		park, marker, liscense and tail lights
CLK LTER CTSY	20 amps		antenna, door locks, lamp buzzer, ignition buzzer,
				courtesy lights, horns, courtest light delay
GUAGES		20 amps		cruise ctrl, rear defog, trunk lock, seatbelt warn, 
				courtesy light delay, lamp buzzer, temp gauge, 
				generator gauge, brake warn, CCC system
WDO CIRCT.	30 amps		power windows, sunroof
C/H		20 amps		choke heater
ECM		3 amps		ECM
IGN/ECM		10 amps		ECM

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