Aero Coupe Info

(for production figures, look on the web page)

From: Derek Atteberry

The glass provided a 2.7 percent reduction in drag coefficient. 
 They figure thats worth about 5 mph on the track.

Supposedly they didn't put the gas strut supports for the trunk 
 on until '87 for the aeros.  I don't know what the 86's did.

There is a reproduction of a full page add that Chevy had titled:
 Number One Draft Choice.  It is talking about the looks and the 
 features of the Aerocoupes.  It has a picture of a white and 
 grey aeros on the highway with a Talledega road sign in the back-
 gound.  Neat looking.

"Chevrolet was prepared to build up to 20,000 of the Monte Carlo 
  SS Aerocoupes (option #B5T) in regular production facilites..."
They don't say why they stopped at 6052.

"Chevy's 75th Super Savers Option packages include: Package C4A
  power door locks, power windows, twin remote sport mirrors, ETR 
  AM-FM stereo radio w/seek/scan, stereo cassette tape and clock, 
  power trunk opener, halogen headlamps.  PACKAGE CB4 adds a six-
  way power driver's seat to the above package - requires 55/45 seat."

"Exterior Colors        Stripe Colors           Interior Trim
Black (19)              Gold/Red                Gray/Maroon/Saddle
Dark Maroon Met. (79)   Red                     Gray/Maroon/Saddle
Silver Metallic (12)    Gray                    Gray/Maroon
White (11)              Gold/Red                Gray/Maroon/Saddle"

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