So... let's just lay it out here the way my mind works, which tends to be in list form.

I'm a music-lover, guitarist, gear-head, sysadmin, and geek.
That explains most of it.

I read when I get the chance, which beats the hell out of watching TV.
(good movies don't count as TV)

I spent most of my early life on BMX bikes, later on mountain bikes, and I need to get back to it.

Photography is not a hobby of mine, but I used to like taking pictures.

I've been adopted by some critters over the years.
Somewhere around here are two cats who found me back in 1996.
They've been made completely neurotic by my dog. She showed up towards the end of 2002.
When she was a puppy she ate a lot of my stuff.

This amaryllis was a gift from a cool neighbor, I've done my best not to kill it.

Here are two members of the fox family who hang out in my woods.
We've also got (ok... "had" - it's gone MIA) this white deer.
Once we were even visited by this nesting snapping turtle.
Here's what's been at the bird feeder lately.
Bonus: gallery of random local insects pulled from my cell phone.

I'm enjoying watching them while I can, before they bulldoze all the forests and fields
to make way for new houses and strip malls we don't need or want.

I miss the pure energy and time compression effect of the early DigEx, Skycache/Cidera days.
Which is to say, I miss the people.

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