"The canine population of the United States is about 25 million.
Out of this, about 25 million can be classified as neurotic - a conservative estimate."
--Stephen Baker _How To Live with a Neurotic Dog_ (1960)



June 2002 - March 2009

Rest in peace Sweet Girl.

Mastiff / Great Dane mix:

She almost seems to have a Mastiff head with a Dane body. She's taller than a pure Mastiff but not as wide - not as tall as a pure Dane. She is actually very slim, almost like a giant Greyhound. But she's got the big head :) Her paws are huge. At first glance she might resemble a VERY large Black Lab. Once you get over this, you'll see that she is something quite different indeed.

Age Weight Date
4 months 57 pounds Oct 2002
6 months 81 pounds Dec 2002
8 months 96 pounds Feb 2003
1.5 years 115 pounds Dec 2003
1 year, 10 months 121 pounds Apr 2004
2 years, 7 months 126 pounds Jan 2005
3.5 years 136 pounds Dec 2005
4 years, 9 months 142 pounds Mar 2007
6 years 151 pounds Jun 2008
6 years, 9 months 130 pounds Mar 2009


So... have I mentioned that this dog can produce some serious drool? (yeah, that's a leaf in there...)

4th of July 2004 - backyard cookout:

and here's Christmas 2006 - Duck Attack!:

Pics below are all from October 21, 2002 when she was 4 months old.





Above: Kala laughing.

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