the Les Paul and the Schecter (June 2010) - detail below
the Kramer and the Silvertone (June 2010) - detail below
the Alvarez and the Michael Kelly (Jan 19 2009) - detail below
the Eastman and the Michael Kelly (Dec 29 2010) - detail below

I think I started playing guitar when I was 12, but not "seriously" until many years later. There were periods where I'd play every day as if my life depended on it (high school), and then I'd take a few years off (like after college). Now in my 30s I'm playing just about every day again and once a week I jam with some friends as an escape from the real world. My focus is guitar, but I've recently ventured into mandolin playing, and I've got to say I'm hooked. I keep a bass guitar around as well, I enjoy playing bass, but am by no means a bass player.


the Crate and the Ampeg (June 2010) - detail below


the Boss pedal board and wah - detail below

Tools... Toys... is there a difference? Let's just call them stomp pedals. They have blinkin' lights and knobs and buttons and you get to step on them and make funny faces, you know?

Misc (I had too much coffee):


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