68 Charger weight

September 21, 2002

I was always curious what my big block / 4-speed Charger weighed. So I finally got off my butt and took it to the local land fill and up onto the scales. Here's the info: (I'm going to have to assume their scales are well calibrated)

Full weight: 3920 pounds

Now, that was with me (170#), my tools (15#), a full size spare (55#) and 3/4 of a tank of gas (85#). That's about as heavy as it will ever be. Thank God.

The 3920 number is real world. That's what the car weighs when I'm driving it, so that's what matters.

But, if you want to be optimistic and subtract the driver, the tools and the spare tire, you can :) 3920-170-15-55 = 3680. If you want to get rid of the gas, that's fine. 3680-85 = 3595. But if I was at the track I'd probably have a 1/4 tank so let's add 30 pounds... 3595+30 = 3625. And someone would have to drive the car, so let's put me back in: 3625+170 = 3795.

So, here are the numbers:

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